Jami’ah Al Zahra in Lucknow

Dear Mumineen, Salaamun Alaykum,

This is to report that a delegation from the Orison Charitable Trust recently visited Jami’ah al-Zahra (as) in Lucknow on 1st March 2010.

This is a Hawza-e-Ilmiyyah for female Shia’ Students in Lucknow. It came into existence more than fifteen (15) years ago and it is Alhamdulillah a renowned Madrasa in India, which is gradually becoming popular abroad as well.

So far, 148 female students have already graduated from this Institution out of which 65 students have proceeded to either Qum or Syria for further higher Islamic Education; Others are Islamic Teachers in the Madaris of their respective towns; Some have even established centres to awaken and educate other Shia’ females and some are working in the different departments of Jami’ah al- Zahra (as), Lucknow. This institution has been very active and in addition to running Hawza classes, some of their activities have been outlined in the full report which you can download below.