Visit to Philippines was between 24th January and 28th January 2020 (Both dates inclusive). This year, the following Mumineen accompanied Shaykh Mujahidali Sheriff as guests of Orison Charitable Trust:

  • Shaykh Nadir Amiraly Jaffer – Qum – on behalf of the IE Desk of the World Federation of KSIMC
  • Gulam Mehdi Sumar – London, U.K.
  • Sister Zaynab Merziyah Sumar – London, U.K.
  • Br Jabir Rajani – WIPAHS, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Sister Riffat Zahra Jabir Rajani – WIPAHS, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Br Sibtain Hirji – London, U.K.
  • Br Karim Ashikali Muraj– London, U.K.

Accompanying the delegation was also Br Mohamed Azim Mawji of London who currently resides and works in Manila, Philippines.


In the last 15 years, 22 Catholic families have converted to Shi’a Islam. Due to poverty, they were unable to have their own Centre where they could conduct their religious and social programs. Last year, Alhamdulillah OCT was able to purchase a 100 sq. metres land and build a small centre for them. Since then, gradually some additional families have moved in the Guiguinto area and about four families have recently converted to Shi’a Islam.



Early last year, with the help of Murabbi Ahmed Bhai Daya, OCT also purchased an adjacent land of 1,484 sq. metres to provide an extension to the existing Centre and embark on a housing project for the widows and the extremely needy in the area. This followed a plea from the #TUGONS community in the area.

OCT is looking to start this project in 2020 as soon as the funds are collected. The plan is to construct 17 houses, and each is estimated at the cost of £15K.





For The past couple of years, the Islamic Education Desk of the World Federation of KSIMC has been working in partnership with OCT in External Tabligh activities. Shaykh Nadir Amiraly Jaffer has been accompanying the OCT delegation and extending necessary support in areas pertaining to Tabligh.

This year, Shaykh Nadir made a presentation on Islamic Medicine and ‘Hijamah’ (Cupping) to the #TUGONS and received an overwhelming response from the community. The project now is to train at least 10 members of #TUGONS (5 men and 5 women) in ‘Hijamah’ which will be very useful for the people in Guiguinto area. This will also contribute towards economic upliftment of the participants. Br Mohamed Azim Mawji who resides in Manila has volunteered to act as a co-ordinator of this project which INShaAllah will commence sometime this year.


Brother Jabir Rajani and his spouse Sister Riffat Zahra Rajani, both of WIPAHS, Tanzania also accompanied the OCT delegation to Philippines. OCT and WIPAHS are planning to work in partnership in some of the projects in Philippines that will INShaAllah include two main things:

  1. Vocational training for women
  2. Training Female Muballighaat


Accompanying the OCT delegation were also Dr Gulam Mehdi Sumar and his daughter Sister Zaynab Merziyah Sumar.

Dr Gulam Mehdi has been holding medical camps in various countries for past many years. He was recently in Iraq and Syria with his team giving his invaluable services to the extremely downtrodden and needy especially the orphans. OCT was very fortunate to have him this year in its annual trip.

Dr Gulam Mehdi accompanied OCT to meet the communities, carry out need-assessment and plan for future medical camps.


In Tanza, Cavite, there are about 30 Shi’a families. Here, the resident Muballigh for past many years is Ustadh Sahawi, who despite his disability (blindness) and poverty, has served the Shi’a community diligently. All the main religious programs are held in his humble house.

In 2015, OCT officials visited this area and met with Ustadh Sahawi. Following his plea, OCT then arranged electricity and water for his house. Early last year, the Ustadh sent another plea to OCT to help build a small centre for the Shi’as in the Tanza area. In response, with support from a single donor, OCT purchased the adjacent land of 100 sq.m to Ustadh’s house and currently, construction of a Masjid is underway. Alhamdulillah, 60% of the work has been accomplished and we envisage full completion within next 6 months INShaAllah.



TABLIGH: £20,000   EDUCATION: £30,000     POVERTY RELIEF: £5000   

MEDICAL: £10,000    HOUSING PROJECT: 17 Houses @ £15,000 each

1 widow with 4 orphans in Philippines @£100 per child per year: £1,200