Report on Visit to Bangladesh – 2012

Orison Charitable Trust has been involved in Bangladesh for the last four years. It has been providing support, mostly, to indigenous Bangladeshis in Tabligh, Higher Education and Poverty Relief.

In March 2010, OCT organised the first visit by its members to ascertain the plight of Shi’as living in deteriorating conditions and assess their needs in different fields.

The delegation visited: Dhaka, Jessore, Khulna, Patkelghata, Noornagar, Debhata, Parulia, Narail, Khalishpur, Nirabakhskhola, Ulashi, Sarsha, Narayanpur (Benapole) and Chotkapota.

After the visit OCT embarked on the following activities:
Sponsoring poor Shi’a Children for Higher Education
Financial assistance to Widows, Aged & the Disabled
Hadiya (remunerations) for Aalims & Muballigheen
Medical Assistance Economic Upliftment
Help in the construction and completion of Islamic Centres in rural areas
Mahe Ramadhan / Muharram / Safar support
OCT endeavours to monitor and follow up the projects physically on the field. Since the initiation of the various projects in 2010, OCT officials have already visited Bangladesh twice, last year in February 2011* and most recently in early March 2012.