OCT Economic Upliftment Program in Bangladesh

Alhamdulillah OCT has finally embarked on the Economic Upliftment program in Bangladesh and delivered 3 Easy Bikes to 3 needy Shi’as on an interest-free loan recoverable through the daily payment of TK 250/- over a stipulated period of 20 months. This will be under the patronage of Hujjatul-Islam Maulana Syed Ibrahim Razavi and Mohamed Iqbal Bhai of Islamic Centre in Khulna.

The ‘Easy Bikes’ were officially handed over to the deserving parties during the inaugural ceremony held on 27th Rajab 1432 AH to mark the Mab’ath and Me’ raj of the Holy Prophet (saww) in Khulna, Bangladesh.

OCT is ever grateful to Beta Trust, UK and to all its esteemed donors for making this project possible. We shall now be monitoring the repayments of these bikes and accordingly extend the project to benefit others InshaAllah.

“May Allah accept this service with the best of His acceptance”.