Bangladesh Report 2013

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Dear Mumineen

Salaamun Alaykum

Orison Charitable Trust (OCT) has been actively involved in supporting the poor Shi’as in Bangladesh. Among its activities are:

1. Sponsoring 133 students (Boys & Girls) in Higher Education

2. Providing hostel expenses for some students studying in Khulna

3. Monthly financial support for 169 widows

4. Monthly financial support for 72 Aged, Crippled and Distressed people

5. Monthly financial support for 18 Muballigheen working in rural areas

6. Monthly financial support for 7 Madrasah teachers & 25 Muezzins (Care-takers) in the rural areas

In addition to the above, OCT has also embarked upon some Economical Upliftment projects which have been highly successful. Currently, it is also working jointly with BETA Trust to develop a fully fledged Medical Clinic in Khulna; and also studying the logistics to provide the community with its own cemetery and initiate housing for the widows and the impoverished.

OCT endeavours to monitor and follow up the projects physically on the field. Since the initiation of the various projects in 2010, OCT officials have been visiting Bangladesh every year, most recently being in February 2013. This year, we were honoured with the presence of Brother Naseen Valji of BETA Trust who also accompanied the delegation.

Enclosed is our brief report and appeal to you all for your support in this noble work. Help us to help others and make a difference in the life of the followers of Ahlul-Bayt (as). Allah (SWT) will reward you in both the worlds InshaAllah.



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