WIPAHS – Ramadhan 1432 in Dar-es-Salaam

Introduction to Shahre Ramadhan Activities at WIPAHS

The Holy Month of Ramadhan is a month of inspiration, enlightening and amongst many things, a month of elevation. The Almighty (SWT) being the pinnacle of perfection has destined for his creatures to strive and attain perfection, and the Holy Month of Ramadhan through its spirit of giving, brotherhood, generosity, kindness, love and mercy elevates the human being from being a mere social animal to being an icon of perfection as destined by the Creator (SWT).

As most of our tables are filled with different tastes of “iftaris”, and realizing that many other tables do not share such luxuries, most of us look forward to share the spirit of the Holy Month of Ramadhan with our brothers and sisters around the world. This is where WIPAHS comes in, to assist the spread of kindness, generosity and love.


A glimpse at the yesteryear 1431/2010

With the support of people engulfed in the spirit of generosity of the Holy Month, WIPAHS spread the love across the nation through the following activities and programmes:

  • Provision of food rations in form of rice, flour, salt, sugar and beans to approximately 12,000 heads
  • Provision of cooked ifatri. 220 Programmes were held at different schools, orphanages, the schools for the deaf, blind and mute, colleges and different madressahs and Shia Centres… and 61 Sehri Programmes
  • Ifar and Sehri for approximately 1200 students, crash course participants and staff at the Wali Ul Asr Education Centre and Haven of Peace Orphanage in Kibaha
  • Propogate the message of truth during the holy month through commemoration of historical events such as Shahadat and Wiladat, in form of seminars and conferences.
  • Provision of Eid gifts to approximately 2000 orphans, teachers, students and the needy.
  • Cash Relief Assistance to women
  • Distribution of over 5000 pcs of the Holy Quran


How can you help us in the holy month of Ramadhan 1432

  • Shahre Ramadhan Food Relief Prog.    (USD$ 7 per head)
  • Shahre Ramadhan Iftar Prog.   (Regions USD $ 200 – 300)
  • Shahre Ramadhan Iftar Prog.    (Institutes/Centre etc Dar. USD $ 400 – 600)
  • Shahre Ramadhan Sehri Prog.    (Regions USD $ 200 – 300)
  • Shahre Ramadhan WEC Iftar/Suhur.    (USD $ 800 – 500)
  • Shahre Ramadhan Shahadat/Wiladat majalis  (Dar. USD $ 400 – 600)
  • Shahre Ramadhan Shahadat/Wiladat majalis  (Regions. USD $ 100 – 300)
  • Shahre Ramadhan WEC General Donation.
  • Shahre Ramadhan Cash Relief
  • Shahre Ramadhan Holy Quran Distribution Prog
  • Shahre Ramadhan Books Distribution Project
  • Shahre Ramadhan Orphans/Students/Teachers Eid Gift Distribution
  • Shahre Ramadhan Crash Course Programme

Access amount collected will be spent for humanitarian causes.